Erbology Organic Rose Water Shot (12 x 40ml)

Erbology Organic Rose Water Shot (12 x 40ml)

  • By choosing only the most fertile organic bushes, plucking their richest flowers and steaming the petals, Erbology’s rose water is full of phenolic compounds contributing to its cell protective and calming effects
  • The hydrosol of the rose has traditionally been used to support ingestion, calm the mind and tone the skin
  • Both the oil and the hydrosol contain numerous powerful nutrients which act to protect cells from oxidative stress
  • Rose water creates a sweet aromatic essence, transporting you to a place of rest and regeneration



Ingredients: 100% rose water. Undiluted and unsweetened. Naturally contains 0.1% essential oil

Taste: Floral, sweet, tranquility

Volume: 40ml

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