Sodada Double Fermentation Ginger Kombucha (12 x 330ml)

Sodada Double Fermentation Ginger Kombucha (12 x 330ml)

  • Organic, Fairtrade fermented tea full of antioxidants, probiotics and amino acids
  • Double-fermented to maximise gut-friendly bacteria and lower final sugar content
  • Glass fermenting ensures no toxic leaching from plastic or metal containers


Ingredients: Natural filtered water, organic Fairtrade tea, organic cane sugar, cold-pressed ginger, living SCOBY culture

Taste: Sweet, tart, ginger heat

Volume: 330ml

  • Kombucha is known for its gut-friendly bacterial content and high antioxidant levels stemming from its tea base. Sodada's booch is alive, raw and bursting with probiotics. Here's why we love it:


    Two-stage fermentation: The kombucha is made by fermenting organic Fairtrade tea and organic raw cane sugar with a SCOBY*. After this initial fermentation, cold-pressed ginger is introduced for a secondary fermentation. This process reduces the overall sugar content and enhances the flavour.


    Small-batch glass fermenting: Small-batch fermenting in glass containers ensures a pure and clean drink, with minimum chance of contamination and toxic leaching. Sodada doesn't add preservatives, sweeteners or other additives. Neither is the booch pasturised, which would kill off all the good living bacteria.


    Locally sourced and produced: Nestled in the corner of the Yorkshire Moors, the brewery's location provides the perfect space for a living, breathing kombucha to thrive; soft clean water, fresh oxygenated air, and a calm relaxed environment.


    *SCOBY is an acronym for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast, which is the living organism that kicks off the fermentation process within the kombucha.

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